Here is the next tech talk in Data Science for Dummies series I am presenting around Sydney:  Part 2 of 9: Titanic survival prediction with Azure Machine Learning Studio + Kaggle.

and the slides:

[slideshare id=155030146&doc=titanicsurvivalprediction-azuremachinelearningstudio-190711235013]

In this session we will use the Azure Machine Learning Studio and focus on the prediction model building to get quick ROI with zero coding (check out the other Databricks sessions if you prefer to code).

Here’s the rest of the series:

  1. Data Science overview with Databricks
  2. Titanic survival prediction with Azure Machine Learning Studio + Kaggle
  3. Data Engineering with Titanic dataset + Databricks + Python
  4. Titanic with Databricks + Spark ML
  5. Titanic with Databricks + Azure Machine Learning Service
  6. Titanic with Databricks + MLS + AutoML
  7. Titanic with Databricks + MLFlow
  8. Titanic with .NET Core + ML.NET
  9. Deployment, DevOps/MLOps and Productionisation

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