Data Engineering Services

We specialise in solving Big Data and ML challenges with Data Engineering

ML Engineering & MLOps

Machine Learning engineering backed by DevOps (MLOps) and solid software engineering practices to provide training at scale, model deployment and quick iterations

Cost Optimisation

Reduce your monthly Azure spend (and increase profit!) We'll review your PaaS and IaaS services, utilisation trends and use-cases and make cost and process recommendations to reduce costs


Every project we do follows our standard DevOps foundation to allow quick iterations, source control and CI/CD. The benefits to the business are lower total cost of ownership

Data Science Enablement

We understand the ML project landscape and can help you to prepare your data, processes, people and environment for your next data science project to make it a success

Advanced Training

We can help skill up your existing Dev Team or BI Analysts with advanced analytics capabilities and empower them to be able to create and maintain modern data platforms

Data Engineering

We do all aspects of pipeline engineering such as ingestion, preparation, transformations at scale. We believe in PAYG, elastic pricing and huge scale as a foundation

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Built to Scale

DevOps driven data engineering

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